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Subject: Wet + messy
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abdl42 26.08.08 - 02:49pm
As i luv 2 sit in a wet + dirty nappy just wondered how many babies like to mess as well as wet? *

lilgrl 28.08.08 - 10:10am
I like to wet have never messed but kinda wanna *

adtbaby 28.08.08 - 10:14am
Same i have wet i would only mess if i was with something x *

sticky 31.08.08 - 10:41pm
Maybe next time i'm down your way we can give it a go lilgirl. Mwa *

cboybaby 9.03.09 - 09:53am
Me likes 2 do what i sposed 2 in my diapers wet and mess.mommy says dats wut bbys do and we all should except it as a normal thing for us.so its otay to mess too cuz we are bbys. *

ipoopy 11.07.09 - 10:49pm
me mess my diaper every day it fills good *

notdone 20.09.09 - 11:34am
I dont purposely. *

nameh167 23.11.09 - 10:20pm
im diapered 24/7 cause i have to be i live alone because of it i need friends to chat with *

johnipoo 7.12.11 - 03:01pm
i wear nappies 24/7 so i do all my wees and poos in thems. it feels most c*mfiest when thems wet n messy. *

charle56 3.08.12 - 09:51pm
I wear thick diapers.24/7.and there wet and messy. *

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