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Subject: Il b ur girl,
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al1ce 4.07.08 - 01:57am
Il b ur girl, baby, lil girl, or teen, i wil wear wot i is told and do wot i is told, msg me x *

herm1one 17.03.09 - 11:36pm
Sorry evry1 this is my new log name im not al1ce no more x *

herm1one 7.11.09 - 01:07pm
No replys *

nameh167 20.11.09 - 02:58pm
hello how are you doing i will change you and hold and punish you if u want me to lets chat *

herm1one 24.11.09 - 12:17pm
I forgot to say uk only x *

ownsrunt 19.05.10 - 04:13pm
u can be my baby *

mz_alice 4.09.10 - 02:27pm
the alice name is back well this one anyway. Its me back with new alice name lol *

mz_alice 4.09.10 - 04:36pm
what I saying is reply on this name not the other too. *

mz_alice 22.09.10 - 07:19pm
if you would like me to be your girl. Send me inbox. Topic adultbaby. And what you would like from me and i.ll get back to you x *

mz_alice 31.01.11 - 10:50pm
Still no takers x

mz_alice 25.03.11 - 08:14pm
Don't forget to inbox me if your interested mwah x


malice80 1.02.12 - 12:06am
Once again I have a new name on here, so if your interested inbox me on this tag x


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