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Subject: Baby oil or talc?
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sticky 10.03.08 - 11:04am
Which is better? *

adtbaby 12.03.08 - 07:01am
Baby oil no doubt *

cboybaby 9.03.09 - 09:34am
Me likes a ltl uv bofe,oil fer skin,nd powder fer me bottom.i love da smell uv baby powder *

notdone 18.09.09 - 10:37pm
I prefer baby oil. Or the baby lotion with the oil mixed in *

xdress 9.10.10 - 07:07pm
I like talc *

johnipoo 7.12.11 - 02:58pm
i disnt use eithers coz i's a boy and its too girlie to have sweety smells. i jus smell of my po*poos. *

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