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Subject: i'm a diaper lover!
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lewij66 29.10.07 - 08:40pm
i love wearing big comfy diapers! i also like little girl clothes! how about you? *

styx1 31.12.07 - 10:08am
Yeth me a big sithy baby gwirl too , c my pics , wud lv to cht with other sithys pwease pm me *

adtbaby 25.01.08 - 10:16am
Im a sissy to x am looking for others to play with or a mummy or daddy x

styx1 25.01.08 - 11:17am
Have sent u bud request pwease reply wud lv to b ure sithy fwend *

s1ssy 29.01.08 - 08:03pm
Me too! Me's a sissy who wants to be a cute widdle gurl and me wants a mommy wiv big ies. *

5abrina 31.01.08 - 03:58pm
Aww look at all the cute little baby girls *

adtbaby 1.02.08 - 06:50am
Would you like to play with me ? *

lilgrl 6.02.08 - 06:32am
I like diapers to *

al1ce 15.04.08 - 05:35am
I like to wear diapers and be dressed like a lil baby girl *

styx1 19.04.08 - 12:40pm
Hi baby girls wudw lv to cht to u if ud like , i wear diapers or nappies too ! *

al1ce 23.04.08 - 11:08pm
Helo gen, if any1 wants 2 chat 2 me drop me a msg in and say HIYA, i wil reply x x x *

styx1 24.04.08 - 06:38am
Hewo alice msg me pwease *

natesean 5.05.08 - 10:37am
Dl from vt here. I like wearing and messing diapers. *

styx1 22.05.08 - 01:07pm
Yeth me lv diapers and wetting dem ! *

ipoopy 11.07.09 - 05:48pm
hi i looking for freinds that love diapers as much as i do *

styx1 21.07.09 - 03:17am
Hi ipo*py bud me if u wanna chat *

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